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PsyShark - God Vs Satan (2007)

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PsyShark - God Vs Satan (2007).zip

PsyShark - God Vs Satan (2007).zip
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Track List:

Artist name ------- Track Name - Time

1.PsyShark - God Vs Satan 8:00
2.PsyShark - Jesus Vs Moses Vs Mohammed 7:55
3.PsyShark - Heavy Progg 6:36
4.PsyShark - Flying to Heaven 6:36
5.PsyShark - Imaginations Energies 6:36
6.PsyShark - Visionary Gates 6:36
7.PsyShark - 1,2,Freddy Is Coming to Get U 6:36
8.PsyShark - Mushroom Pigs 6:36
9.PsyShark - Soul Splitter 6:33
10.PsyShark - Hallucinations Bible 6:49
11.PsyShark - Buddha in Club 6:36

Total: 12 Song.
Time: more than 1 hour.
Style: PsyTrance energetic unique music by PsyShark.

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